CanTrack Osprey

The CanTrack software has been upgraded!

The new version is up and running – simply log in using your existing account details.

You can still access the old version by clicking the link below.

This version will still be accessible for a short period of time, while we move all of our customers onto the new system.

CanTrack Panel

You can still access the old CanTrack software, until we are ready to shut it down. Follow the link below to login.

Newer browsers do not support the old CanTrack software, please log in using Internet Explorer 11.

The address is

The URL is

Go to Osprey Go to Osprey

Welcome to the future of CanTrack!

Existing users can now use the new Osprey software, simply login with your account details to register.

Your existing login will work in Osprey and your device details will be carried over for you.

Osprey runs in all the latest browsers, simply use the link above or copy and paste this URL into your preferred browser.

Help logging in to Osprey